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The Safety Culture War:
Three Things You can do to Improve Your Safety Culture
By Carl Potter, CSP, CMC, CSP and Deb Potter, Ph.D, CMC

Is there a Culture War in your Workplace?

Not too long ago an executive of a large company in a high-risk industry proudly displayed his handsome new shirt.  The shirt had a company logo.  Below the logo was a large “7” in bright yellow and a line below that read:  Reduce Injuries to 7 in 2007. 

What this leader didn’t understand was that he was contributing to the safety culture war in his organization.  Yet research shows that not everyone has the same beliefs when it comes to workplace safety. 

One Organization, Three Cultures

Think about your organization for a moment.  Does everyone seem to be on the same page when it comes to safety?

It’s likely that if you spend time talking to people in different parts of the organization, you’ll soon learn that you can group people into three categories of safety beliefs:  workers, engineers, and executives.   These three categories don’t necessarily represent job titles; but rather viewpoints when it comes to safety.  These perspectives represent safety sub-cultures in your organization.  The farther apart the beliefs of the sub-cultures, the deeper the divide in your organization.


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